Who are we?

A team of six permanent employees and eight part-time staff that represents our visually appealing autumn plants. In 2008 the company acquired Juma Antonissen which has been the basis for the quality of the plants which are the basis of all our products. Special Plant Zundert BV is a modern automated company, which specializes in large numbers from a limited but supported range. We grow a product with good intrinsic (health) and extrinsic (external) quality.

Our Products

Our products are grown in pots: 9, 10.5, 13 and 17cm pot. These pots have been selected over the years by our customers. Our nursery is this fully customized and automated. For an overview of our products and the associated pot sizes please see our product list. By a plant picture, or a plant name in the selection list, clicking you will see. Information about this plant Our plants are propagated in-house and with our own material. So we can guarantee good breeding and starting material, which is crucial for a good start of a crop. Because of this we obtain our quality and we can guarantee our products from seed or cutting to finished product.

Added Value

It is also possible to buy direct final products with us as we are from seed t / m ready finished product in hand. certification We are MPS and Florecom certified which means that plants socially and environmentally conscious production. Logistics, we also try to walk by always working with combined transport and automate where possible, leading Florecom is an example of this.